Luxurious in Lifestyle yet Humble in Character

Be immersed in the beauty, warmth and moonlit like glow as our battery-operated, real wax, smokeless & flameless candles safely yet beautifully elevate any space for all occasions.

Browse our stunning collections that can be mixed and matched to suit your vibe.


Our HIRING service is in it's early stages and as we finalise our website to include this offering, we would love to help illuminate your next event, pop-up or wedding. So go ahead and CONTACT US NOW via email or the form (link bellow) to discuss your options and to get a quote.

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Lucina Ribbed Collection

Introducing our “Lucina Ribbed Collection” where the Roman Goddess of Light has... 


Using the latest in flameless, smokeless candle technology we bring you a luxuriously modern, safe and affordable lighting experience.

Our LED lights are conveniently remote enabled so as to suit your desired timing and brightness without reducing the realistic mesmering experience of a candle.

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Aurora Add-Ons Collection

Our “Aurora Add-Ons” are our small yet bright tealights and votive candles... 


Our flameless candles are convenient & safe for use in all commercial & residential settings. Remote convenience enables you to be in control & choose settings to suit the mood.

Restaurants, Bars, Hotels & Day Spas. Retreats, Weddings, Events, Pop-up picnics, & Retail.

They can elevate Real Estate styling for viewings & property photography, a favourite with Interior Designers as well as on-set for film, music & theatre productions.

Have an Airbnb or Vacation rentals? Flameless, no wax drips & safety from fire hazards this option can bring you piece of mind knowing you can set the mood creating the warmth of candles for your guests without concern.

Birthing suits, Hospice Care, Wellness hubs & Yoga/sound studios love using these candles for ambience, nervous system soothing & for the safety aspect for use around the elderly, children and pets.

  • Retail & Commercial

  • Wellness Studios

  • Tablescapes

  • Vacation Rentals

  • Pet Safety

  • Store Openings

  • Event Styling

  • Pop-Up Picnics

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